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Report: Centres for Community Innovation and Design in Waterloo Region - A feasibility study

We are pleased to announce completion of the final report for the feasibility study on the Centres for Community Innovation and Design in Waterloo Region. Download the pdf version.

Past events and opportunities for involvement

Understanding the needs, interests, preferences of people and organizations interested in a CCID has been one of the central purposes of the feasibility study to date.  The following links will take you to pages outling the various ways in which we have gathered information and insights. 




The Placemaker's Circle

In looking toward the future, we consider the formation of partnerships around the development of the CCID – enhanced by a healthy dose of enthusiasm and some firm commitments – to be of central importance.  This will ensure capacity for moving viable models of a network of CCIDs from vision to reality.  We are convening a Placemaker’s Circle – a group of people from across the Region committed to seeing CCIDs take shape on the ground.  Placemakers may be representatives of organizations or may participate as individuals with a persona

Letter of Endorsement/Statement of Interest

If you think a Centre for Community Innovation and Design for Waterloo Region is a good idea, we encourage you to send us a letter of support.

Shared spaces/Shared space centres

In our environmental scan on similar and relevant initiatives, we found a variety of examples.  There are two close to the Region of Waterloo – 10 Carden, in Guelph, and the Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto. Each one provides a very different model.

Our online surveys

We are committed to exploring the requirements and preferences of organizations across Waterloo Region and, from the information we gather, developing viable models for a CCID that address those preferences and requirements. Following initial consultations on a Centre for Community Innovation and Design in Waterloo Region - which were very positive - we designed online surveys (among other methods) to learn more about your interests in becoming a tenant, associate or user of the CCID, and your requirements and preferences.

the feasibility study

We envision a network of shared-space centres in Waterloo Region for small, socially or environmentally oriented businesses, organizations, entrepreneurs, artists, and community groups. The centres bring people together in ways that stimulate and support their work.  They are integrated, have complementary mandates, reflect patrons’ interests, and offer spaces, services and programs suited to their locale and enabling of and accessible to everyone who is a tenant, associate, or community member of the Centres for Community Innovation and Design (CCID).

Participate, inform, contribute...

The Centre for Community Innovation and Design will be be a hub of social and environmental innovation and entrepreneurship if it meets our collective needs, and is sustainable over the long haul.

Upcoming Events

We are planning a few events to share what we have learned and to wrap-up the first stage of this initiative.

Ways that you can help

Realizing the vision of the CCID in Waterloo Region will require commitments from interested people and organizations.

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Help us design a Center for Community Innovation and Design

Like the idea of a Centre for Community Design and Innovation here in Waterloo Region?  See yourself or your organization making use of the Centre?  Are you:

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