Report: Centres for Community Innovation and Design in Waterloo Region - A feasibility study

We are pleased to announce completion of the final report for the feasibility study on the Centres for Community Innovation and Design in Waterloo Region. Download the pdf version.
The core outcome is that the Region would be best served by an association of shared-space centres developed through a focus on kernels - collaboratives of people or agencies that are engaged in or interested in the development of initiatives across the Region.   Initiatives already underway include the Ray of Hope's Charles Street Development, LOFT and LIFE's Old Wellesly Mill project, The Social Planning Council - Cambridge-North Dumfries' Community Innovation Centre, LSPIRGs Centre for Community Innovation and Design and KWartzLab. 
Initiatives proposed in the report include:

  • A shared multi-tenant space in downtown Kitchener focused on cross-sectoral collaboration, creativity and innovation among small for/not-for-profit enterprises, entrepreneurs and artists with a social/environmental purpose. 
  • A developer, manager, and broker of shared spaces where the principle interest would be enabling social enterprises, facilitating collaboration and making use of underutilized space.
  • Development of the CCID as an association of centres, where centres would be of different sizes, in different communities, with different, although complementary, mandates.  Dialogue with those from initiatives already underway over how their initiatives would contribute to and benefit from being part of the CCID association would be invaluable. 

The report discusses various facets of shared-space centres, presenting results from the research as they relate to these facets.  The report also presents a framework for development comprised of key points and action items. 
We sincerely appreciate all contributions to this project, including those from our advisory committee and from all those who took time to talk with us, respond to a survey or attend a workshop.  We also appreciate the support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation, which provided the funding that made this work possible. 
We continue to meet with the working group focused on developing vision and principles for the CCID and expect to convene a meeting of the Placemaker's Circle in the near future.  We are interested in collaborating with others on funding proposals for initiatives related to the CCID and would be happy to hear from you if you are interested. 
Eric and Beth,
Associates, Civics Research Co-operative