current activities

Following is a list of current and ongoing research projects, initiatives and other activities of the CRC...

Toward a centre for community innovation and design

The CRC received funding from the Ontario Trillium foundation for one year to do a feasibility study on the potential of establishing a community innovation and design centre for small, socially or environmentally oriented businesses, organizations, entrepreneurs, artists, and community groups in Waterloo region. The Centre would serve as a catalyst for community economic development.

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Increasing Affordable Transportation Options in the Region of Waterloo

The Region of Waterloo, in southwestern Ontario, can be characterized as a dispersed urban-suburban-rural locale. Similar to other areas across Canada and the United States, affordable transportation - which can be viewed as transportation with reasonable financial and other costs - remains a struggle for people with low incomes that live in the region. This challenge is exacerbated by the dispersed structure of the Region in which many people are compelled to rely heavily on cars to move around.

TRIP committee

TRIP - the Transit for Reduced Income Program - is a program of Waterloo Region that provides the opportunity for people with low incomes to obtain a discount on Grand River Transit monthly bus passes. The program is funded by Waterloo Regional Council through the Social Services department and supported by Social Services, as well as Grand River Transit and two non-government organizations: The Working Centre (Kitchener) and Lutherwood (Cambridge).


Waterloo Region Healthy Communities Coalition

One of the interests of the CRC is to experiment with the use of online technology to facilitate community process. Using the content management system Drupal <> - which enables collaborative editing of an online space - "" was developed as one such experiment. (As noted elsewhere, this site is also a Drupal installation.)