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Civic dialogues:

An overview of the civic dialogues


the civics research co-operative
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We welcome suggestions for topics
to discuss, comments about the dialogues,
their format and timing, as well as other
statements of interest...

Beth and Eric
of the Civics Research Co-operative
  A Note on Civility


Topics for discussion

Topics could include issues of current or long-standing interest and could be practical or philosophical in nature. See examples from recent dialogues and from upcoming ideas.

Articles, reports or other information chosen to focus and stimulate dialogue will be posted on this site, or be made available for pick-up, when possible.

We invite ideas and suggestions...


It is not our purpose to try and reach agreement or consensus on courses of action or recommendations, although we would hope to see a range of viable alternatives explored, discussed and carried away for further thought.

These civic dialogues are not intended to be meetings of experts, but rather to be meetings of people with various interests and levels of understanding who wish to learn from one another
- and to have some fun!