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Beth and Eric
of the Civics Research Group


Encouraging Community Participation in a National Park - an example from Greece

Stephanie Janetos
This discussion will be led by Stephanie Janetos, a graduate student at the University of Waterloo. Stephanie will be drawing on her research to enhance the discussion.

Values affect all aspects of our daily lives. The reasons for our decisions and actions are determined by the values we hold as individuals. What is the role of these individual values in larger social issues, such as protected areas or the environment? Sometimes looking at others can help us understand ourselves.

This dialogue session will include pictures and stories about some of the ways values have affected a national park in northern Greece. There are 1300 people living in 12 rural communities in this mountainous park that shows a different side of Greece. From this example, it is the presenter's hope that ideas and personal experiences from dialogue participants can contribute to an informal talk on some of the following questions:

These dialogues offer students and citizens an opportunity to discuss research that is of common interest. Students - particularly graduate students - will introduce their research in an informal, roundtable, discussion-oriented setting. The intent is to consider the social significance of the research, with particular emphasis on its relevance to civic organizations and citizens.

Dialogues are free and open to all who are interested, including local residents, members of government and other organizations, students and academic colleagues.
Come and join us...

We appreciate knowing if you plan to attend (thegroup@civics.ca or 579-7363), but this is not required.


Student research series #2 - 7:30pm - 9:00pm