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Civic dialogues:

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We welcome suggestions for topics
to discuss, comments about the dialogues,
their format and timing, as well as other
statements of interest...

Beth and Eric
of the Civics Research Group


On art and community, community art

Open Discussion

What role and what benefit are there in community art? We find the environments we are in are often sterile, bleak, and seldom of our making. Yet, it seems that beauty, creativity and play are essential to our well being. We have high art, but do not have the time to be creative, we have consumerism and efficiency, but have prehaps devalued our playfulness, and we laud performers for their talent, but are critics of our own eforts. Commmunity art may be a means of expressing our various creativities, and of regaining community, becoming participants rather than spectators.

Our second series, February 20 - March 13, 2002,