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Beth and Eric
of the Civics Research Group


On what is ’Good’ and what is ’Bad’?

Open Discussion

Everything that improves life is good; everything that opposes life is bad. That which unites people is good; that which divides them is bad. That which affirms "there is still future" is good; to say there is no future or meaning in life is bad. To give the peoples of the Earth faith in themselves is good; the fanaticism that opposes life is bad.

from Silo, Public Talk in Bombay, Chowpatty Beach, Bombay, India, November 1, 1981

We welcome other suggestions that might provide a focus for this dialogue. Suggest any links articles, questions, short readings, long reports, movies, or?...

- and how do we tell the difference?

A big question! - but one that underlies much of what we do in our social, professional and civic lives. The question arose in our last dialogue as we discussed the range and diversity of values involved when attempting to make decisions democratically. Most of us likely attempt to achieve 'good' - but how often do we question what this means, either individually or collectively?

By bringing a variety of people together, this dialogue will provide an opportunity for discussing such questions among citizens with different backgrounds and experience, without the need to arrive at agreement on the ultimate meaning of either good or bad.

Our second series, February 20 - March 13, 2002,