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The Civics Research Co-operative has emerged from the work and ideas of people involved in the Heritage Resources Centre and the Faculty of Environmental Studies at the University of Waterloo. Some initiatives have been started, but many possibilities remain to be developed. We welcome ideas and suggestions. These could include ideas about topics to cover, about ways of facilitating interaction, about methods for involving people in research, about means for communicating results, about how we might organize ourselves and about who might become involved in our work.

The list below indicates the kinds of topics we are considering for workshops and other events. Send us your suggestions...

Some ideas and topics

Security are national laws and policies the most effective democratic approach to local circumstances and effects?

Smart Growth Is it smart? - especially in terms of the costs…

Pollution hazards Are we talking about a minimum health level or about overall quality of life?

Municipal restructuring and amalgamation are we getting better decisions?

Air quality and climate change how do we plan in the face of uncertainty?

Basic Livelihoods is it about money or ways of life?

The environment and social justice is a clean environment a basic human right?

Urban Transportation in the Waterloo region Who benefits? Who loses? What of the future?

Conservation of land, air and water in the new regional planning how can we move beyond land use to the wider concept of ecosystem planning?

Bird migration a curiosity or a vital indicator of environmental health and quality of life?

Trade in what ways, and for whom, have NAFTA and the EU been beneficial? What have been the costs? What are the lessons and remedies?

Education are high test score results good indicators of an effective education for young people?

Landscape and bioregional planning Do we need more than a quarter of our landscape in protected areas? If so, why? How is this to be achieved?

Coastal zone planning in the Great Lakes region does the US coastal zone policy and planning offer lessons for Canada?

The role of monitoring and assessment in planning, management and decision-making - Why do we avoid building enduring monitoring and assessment systems and how can we overcome this challenge?

Urban governance To what extent science? To what extent civics? And how do we decide?

Climate changeTo what extent science? To what extent civics? And how do we decide?