TRIP committee

TRIP - the Transit for Reduced Income Program - is a program of Waterloo Region that provides the opportunity for people with low incomes to obtain a discount on Grand River Transit monthly bus passes. The program is funded by Waterloo Regional Council through the Social Services department and supported by Social Services, as well as Grand River Transit and two non-government organizations: The Working Centre (Kitchener) and Lutherwood (Cambridge).

The TRIP committee evolved from a loose group of people with general interests in affordable transit, into a committee specifically focused on providing a space for discussion on the administration and management of TRIP. The CRC began participating in this group in late 2004, by doing some research on affordable transit. The CRC has continued involvement in issues around affordable transportation by continued participation in this committee and through studies carried out on behalf of the committee. (See list.)

People interested in finding out more about this program can request copies of the TRIP Principles and Procedures through the CRC, Grand River Transit, Employment and Income Support, Social Service, Region of Waterloo, The Working Centre or Lutherwood.

Those interested in obtaining a discount bus pass should contact The Working Centre or Lutherwood.