The CRC was incorporated as a not-for-profit co-operative in the province of Ontario in 2004. Founding members were: Eric Tucs, Beth Dempster, Mark Morley, Mary Ann Wasilka and Rosemarie Schmidt. Currently, all members of the co-op are also members of the board. A list of members can be found on the membership page.

All efforts contributing to the development and maintenance of the CRC are performed on a volunteer basis.  Members/associates look for and carry out research and other contracts that fit the aims of the CRC and are contracted to work on those projects and initiatives for which funding has been received. Contract work is paid at what we consider to be a sustainable wage, with consideration given to the resources available to the contracting organization.  Where projects match the interests of the CRC and the members performing the work, additional volunteer hours may be contributed to the project.

Informally, Beth Dempster and Eric Tucs are co-directors of the co-operative, with support and encouragement from the other members as required and according to interests. Connections are primarily maintained through email, with in-person meetings about once a year.

By-laws of the CRC were adopted in April 2005 and generally describe the intentions of the co-operative to be guided by its own principles and objectives - as well as those of co-operatives more generally - and to use consensus-based decision-making. The by-laws are written to be informative for the members of the cooperative by including official regulations where required. The by-laws also strive to enable the openness and flexibility that reflects the spirit of co-coperatives, while simultaneously ensuring clear processes for dealing with conflict and other challenging circumstances.

The Civics Research Co-operative is open to the expression of interest from potential new members. Generally speaking, it is expected that members practice the principles of the CRC. We point to a difference between principles-as-espoused and principles-as-manifest-in-action.