Transit Affordability in the Region of Waterloo

Project: A research project looking into the affordability of public transit in Waterloo Region. Particular attention was given to the Region's discount bus pass and discount bus ticket programs. Research involved consultation with patrons with low incomens and other key individuals/organizations in the region.


Project report:
Transit affordability: a study focused on persons with low incomes in the Region of Waterloo

transitaffordability-finalreport.pdf (file size: 734.6 KB)

This report presents findings and recommendations from study on the affordability of transit for people with low incomes in the Region of Waterloo. The study focused on the effectiveness of the discount bus pass and discount icket programs, which are supported by Grand River Transit and the Employment and Income Support Division of Social Services. Interviews were held with people living on low-incomes – including transit users and non-users – as well as representatives from agencies administering the programs and other key people in the community...
The overwhelming majority of people appreciated the two programs, which help improve the affordability of public transit in the Region. Concern remains as to what extent they increased affordability and made positive contributions to individuals’ lives and to the community.
We make four general recommendations...
1) Increase support for the discount bus pass and discount ticket programs to further improve affordability and accessibility of public transit for people with low incomes.
2) Continue efforts to improve service, with particular attention to diversity and to the needs of people who rely heavily on public transit.
3) Facilitate greater community involvement, specifically including low income patrons, in the design, planning and implementation of public transit and the discount programs.
4) Consider particular areas for further consultation and research, notably the needs of the working poor and strategic consideration of related programs.


Associates: Eric Tucs, Cynthia Franklin, Beth Dempster
Client: Region of Waterloo (John Cicuttin, Transportation Planning; David Dirks, Employment and Income Support)
Dates: August - November, 2004