Civic Issues Workshops


  • to be free and open to anyone who wishes to attend
  • to bring together people from diverse backgrounds and experience
  • to promote dissemination of information and understanding of different points of view
  • to open avenues for discussion, learning and cooperation
  • to provide opportunities for developing and assessing possible responses to local or community concerns
  • to identify information or research needs

Civic Issues Workshops are designed to bring a variety of different perspectives to bear by involving people with diverse knowledges relevant to the topic of focus. They are also designed to recognize the value of diverse backgrounds, experiences and levels of understanding and to involve people interested in developing their understanding.

Each workshop is targeted toward different objectives, but they all primarily involve people working together in a focused manner on specific issues or concerns, giving informed consideration to possible responses, resolutions or recommendations. These are communicated, as appropriate, through various means.

Workshops focus on interests and concerns at the local, national or international levels, although it is expected that the latter will also connect to the local level. In these events, a key aim is to learn from and apply the experience of others toward addressing challenges of a local to national and international scale.


  • Workshops may involve single sessions or multiple interconnected sessions.
  • Sessions will typically begin with short presentations from panelists offering diverse views on the topic of interest.
  • Sessions will also involve general discussion among panelists and participants as well as small group discussions focused toward particular outcomes.
  • In some cases, rapporteurs from diverse backgrounds report on, or summarize, workshop sessions. Some of these summaries or other proceedings or results may be published in some way.