TRIP principles and procedures

Project: Documentation of the operating principles and procedures for the Waterloo Region Transit for Reduced Income Program (TRIP). The document was developed in collaboration with members of the TRIP committee, in particular, those who are instrumentally involved in management of the program.


Project Report:
Waterloo Region's Transit for Reduced Income Program (TRIP): Operating Principles and Procedures of the Waterloo Region Discount Bus Pass Program

Edition #1, December 2006
Edition #2, December 2007
Edition#3, January 2010

Document was submitted to, and is available from, the TRIP committee.


Associates: Beth Dempster, Eric Tucs
Client: Region of Waterloo (David Dirks, Employment and Income Support Division)
Dates: March-November, 2006; revisions, November-December 2007, November-January 2009-1010