Literature review linking health and the built environment

A review of literature focused on Canadian evidence of the linkages between health and the built environment. In support of the Healthy Communities and the Built Environment Project.

Final Report:

Linking Health and the Built Environment: An annotated bibliography of Canadian and other related research

Includes a report and appendices as well as Excel files and an Access database.
available on the OHCC website

The primary intention of this literature review was to find and report on studies that identified and explored the relationships between the built environment and the health of Ontario's population, with attention to our diversity. The central interest was research from respected sources that elucidated significant health-related impacts and influences of land-use planning and the built environment upon populations in both urban and rural contexts - especially where the research might enable appropriate and innovative land-use planning and practice that could facilitate movement toward healthier communities.

Associates: Eric Tucs, Beth Dempster
Client: Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition, Healthy Communities and the Built Environment Project, funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada
Dates: April-July 2007