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Introduction to the Tri-University Ecohealth Web Forum
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the Tri-University Ecohealth Web Forum

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the civics research co-operative
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Guidelines on netiquette


A place for ideas and community

We hope our web forums provide a virtual space for building community, exchanging ideas, and discussion.

We have started a list of FAQ to ease your introduction to our web forums, and provide ready answers to questions you might have about finding your way around a forum and participating in our discussions. Feel free to contact us if you have a question regarding the web forums that is not included in the list.

The many features and tools of a web forum enable you to customize your working space. None are required to navigate, read or post a message or article to a forum.

While your first visit to any web forum may seem overwhelming and a bit confusing, it only takes a few visits to become familiar and comfortable with the basics.

The Tri-University Ecohealth Forum is a loose consortium of experts (interested researchers, public health decision-makers, medical practitioners, and community partners, students) from the universities of Guelph, Waterloo and Western Ontario and their respective communities. The consortium meets periodically to collaborate on research and share of ideas. This Web forum is intended to facilitate continued collaboration between meetings and to provide a space to post minutes from meetings and other documents of common interest to the members.

We welcome your suggestions and comments.

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