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Introduction to our Online Initiatives
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on Growth Management: Some resources and background

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General References for the Region of Waterloo Growth Management Strategy

on the Greenlands Strategy

Growth Management in Ontario

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Smart Growth has much in common with Healthy Communities, as the table below demonstrates.

Smart Growth Principles from www.smartgrowth.org Healthy Communities from www.healthycommunities.on.ca
Create Range of Housing Opportunities and Choices clean and safe physical environment peace, equity and social justice
Create Walkable Neighborhoods adequate access to food, water,shelter, income, safety, work and recreation for all
Encourage Community and Stakeholder Collaboration adequate access to health care services
Foster Distinctive, Attractive Communities with a Strong Sense of Place opportunities for learning and skill development
Make Development Decisions Predictable, Fair and Cost Effective strong, mutually supportive relationships and networks
Mix Land Uses workplaces that are supportive of individual and family well-being
Preserve Open Space, Farmland, Natural Beauty and Critical Environmental Areas wide participation of residents in decision-making
Provide a Variety of Transportation Choices strong local cultural and spiritual heritage
Strengthen and Direct Development Towards Existing Communities diverse and vital economy
Strengthen and Direct Development Towards Existing Communities protection of the natural environment
Take Advantage of Compact Building Design responsible use of resources to ensure long term sustainability