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This website evolves to reflect the needs of the Civics Research Co-operative and the initatives and projects the group is involved with. We welcome your comments and suggestions on its design and usefulness. Where we can, we will incorporate them into this site. As with all technology, the web is constantly evolving. With all this technological change, comes the opportunity to apply it wisely. We are left with choices.

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In general, we try to use and apply open-source, collaboratively-developed software in the design and development of the website and its features. Currently, we are using a popular content managment system - Drupal - to manage the website. Additional features of the website rely on other open-source applications. We greatfully acknowledge the efforts of people around the world who volunteer time to develop such applications and recommend anyone to search through the options at, for example, SourceForge.net.

To design this website for every imaginable situation and accomodate every different need requires effort that is beyond our current capacity. To make an effort to incorporate every innovation often ends up being counterproductive. We would like to do what we can to ensure that there are very few cases were the website is inaccessible, while we take advantage of its potential as a new medium for presenting and exchange ideas for a large and diverse audience. Your comments and suggestions are very welcome.