Workshops are initiatives that bring a variety of different perspectives to bear by involving people with diverse knowledges relevant to a particular topic or focus. They also provide an opportunity to recognize the value of diverse backgrounds, experiences and levels of understanding and to involve people interested in developing their understanding.

The CRC has developed, promoted, supported or otherwise been involved in a variety of workshops and continues an interest in initiatives of this type. The following pages link to descriptions of particular workshops or sets of workshops.

Healthy Communities and the Built Environment Workshops

As part of the Healthy Communities and the Built Environment project, led by the Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition, the CRC provided support in the development of three workshops in the Region of Waterloo - although only two came together under the auspices of the HCBE project.


Healthy Communities and the Built Environment: Working Together for a Livable Waterloo Region

Wednesday January 16, 2008, 8:30-1:00 p.m. (free, lunch and snacks provided)

Civic Issues Workshops


  • to be free and open to anyone who wishes to attend
  • to bring together people from diverse backgrounds and experience
  • to promote dissemination of information and understanding of different points of view
  • to open avenues for discussion, learning and cooperation
  • to provide opportunities for developing and assessing possible responses to local or community concerns
  • to identify information or research needs